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Pharmacy Services

Medication Packaging

Hartzell's has been packaging medication for the past ten years in order to help our patients take the right medications at the right time. PakMyMeds packaging is a convenient strip packaging system which makes use of easy to use, tear-off packs. We pre-package your prescriptions in a way that makes it easier to take your medication on time and as directed. This way you can also see at a glance if medications were already taken. The packaging is easy to open, easy to read, and easy to manage. 

Medication Synchronization

Simplify your life! Refill all your prescriptions at once with our MyMedSync program. This is a unique management program that allows all your medications to be filled on the same day each month. Benefits include:

  • Single monthly trip to the pharmacy for monthly medications

  • Free monthly consultations with your pharmacist

  • No charge for Hartzell's Pharmacy customers to be enrolled

  • All prescriptions ready on the same day


It's SIMPLE. It's CONVENIENT. It's FREE. Enroll today!


Hartzell’s is a leader in providing compounded medications, becoming one of the first pharmacies in the Lehigh Valley to offer this specialized pharmacy service. We collaborate with physicians and other health care providers to provide custom solutions for all patients' unique needs. Hartzell’s provides a variety of compounding services including: any non-sterile medication (human and veterinary), bio-identical hormones, thyroid supplementation, pediatric medicine, and pain management. ​We can provide medications in the form of:

  • Capsules

  • Creams/ointments/gels

  • Troches

  • Suppositories

  • Suspensions

  • Ionto and Phonophoresis

  • Veterinary Treats


If you are concerned about developing diabetes, join our Diabetic Prevention Program! You may have pre-diabetes and be at risk for Type 2 diabetes if you are 45 years of age or older, overweight, have a family history of Type 2 diabetes, are physically active fewer than 3 times per week, or have ever had diabetes during pregnancy or your baby weighed more than 9 pounds. 


The goal for participants of our program are to lose a minimum of 7% of body weight and increase physical activity to a minimum of 150 minutes weekly. Participants will:

  • Take part in a lifestyle change program to help prevent diabetes and lower risk for heart disease

  • Learn about healthy eating to safely lose weight

  • Slowly and safely increase physical activity

  • Learn how to problem solve and stay motivated


Hartzell's highly trained pharmacists are certified and licensed to evaluate your vaccine needs and administer vaccinations to patients 3 years of age and older. We will provide your physician with a copy of any vaccine information for your medical records. We offer the following vaccinations:

  • Flu Shot

  • Hepatitis A

  • Hepatitis B

  • HPV - Human Papillomavirus (Gardisil®)

  • Measles/Mumps/Rubella

  • Meningitis

  • Pneumococcal (Pneumovax-23® and Prevnar-13®)

  • Polio

  • Rabies

  • Shingles (Shingrix)

  • Tdap - Tetanus/Diphtheria/Pertussis (Adacel® or Boostrix®)

  • Typhoid



Plans change every year, and your current plan may not be the cheapest or best option anymore. We know your medications, we know the industry, and we will prioritize your health. You can trust that Hartzell's team will help you choose the coverage that best meets your needs. During this time, you have the opportunity to switch to a new plan that will take effect on January 1st. Choose from the comfort of your home or come in and talk with one of our staff members. Call us or email us at to schedule your FREE consultation today!


Our pharmacy carries an array of over-the-counter products that can offer important health benefits. Sometimes the prescriptions you take can even deplete your body of essential vitamins – especially for those taking medication for diabetes, hypertension, and high cholesterol. We offer high end vitamins and supplements to help restore vital nutrients. 

We also carry pharmaceutical-grade CBD products. Our team is here to help you on your journey to better health. Talk with us today about which products are best suited for you. We also carry CBD for your pets! Shop our animal-specific CBD products in store.

Online Store

Wellness beyond prescriptions, now delivered to you. From shampoo and conditioner to over-the-counter medications, shop our new online store for even more convenience. Best of all, we'll deliver it to you next day!


Click below to shop our new online store and get $10 off your first order!


At Hartzell's Pharmacy, we make sure you never have to wait long for a refill - we pride ourselves on our fast, friendly service. Our delivery service helps ensure that you always stay on track with your medication regimen. We deliver to our community and surrounding areas.


Let our team deliver your medications right to your home or work. Ask us about delivery today!


Hartzell's Pharmacy is proud to be an advocate for your health at an affordable price. We offer a couple different options to help our patients save!


Become a member of our Leader® Prescription Club to receive premier savings on your prescription medications. For an annual enrollment fee of $10, you and your family will have access to over 5,000 medications at a discounted rate, more than 300 generic medications at a competitive flat price, and even great savings on pet medications and select immunizations at our pharmacy!

Join our loyalty program! At no charge you can join our Preferred Shopper Club and earn 4% back in retail purchases.

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