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Talk with our CPAP team to learn about the latest equipment, proper cleaning techniques, and get answers to any questions you may have. Your Hartzell's team can help by providing you verification of your insurance coverage, complimentary shipping on your full resupply order, specialized therapy for women, and more!

Proper maintenance and cleaning of your CPAP equipment is important for treating sleep apnea. Sanitize your CPAP accessories with Lumin Sanitizer, available at our pharmacy!



Hartzell's offers a wide variety of ostomy supplies to meet your medical needs.  Our resupply program offers convenient direct shipping to your home.  Call us to today for more information. 

Ostomy Supplies
Urological Supplies


We understand the importance of urological care and having the supplies you need.  Not sure what you need?  We have a variety of samples for you to try to ensure you get what works best for you.  Those receiving urological supplies are also available to join our resupply program, so you never have to wait for your supplies again.

Incontinence Supplies


We offer insurance billable and private pay options to meet all your needs when it comes to incontinence supplies.  We also have available a selection of samples to ensure you are getting the right fit to meet your needs.  From infant to adult we have all your incontinence needs covered. 



Women's health is a very personal journey and we are here to help you navigate it.  We have a board certified Fitting expert available for appointments to ensure you get the correct products, bra's and prosthesis every time.  Because the fitting of these products is so important, we also offer a private fitting room with hundreds of products available to you to ensure you get exactly what you are looking for.  We specialize in Amonea Bra's and prostheses and also offer a selection of True Fit products as well. 

Medical Alert


Do you care for an aging senior that is left home alone while you are away or at work?  Maybe you live alone and worry about trips, slips and falls?  Remaining in your home and being as independent as possible is most of our goals and having a dependable Medical Alert System is a great way to accomplish this.  We offer several different styles of alert systems so there is always one that fits your lifestyle best.  Having piece of mind that help is only a push of a button away is only part of the package.  Rest easy knowing that we help install your unit and we are only a phone call away should you have questions, concerns, or need help with your unit for as long as you have it.  All units offer two-way communication with the call center and each model is compatible with additional features including fall detection.  Packages start as low at $32.99 per month! Call us today to ask for more information, request a pamphlet or speak to one of our representatives.  

Compression Socks


At Hartzell's Pharmacy, we offer Medi and Jobst brand compression hosiery.


Medi brand compression socks offer a wide range of compression, sizing, and style.  From your traditional beige to their outgoing Rejuva line, there is a sock to meet everyone's medical (and style!) needs.

We also offer a wide array of Jobst compression socks in store for your convenience.  In addition we also  have a wide variety of insurance billable JOBST products offered through our medical Equipment department.  Call us today to get more information on coverage criteria and available products.

Resupply Program


We understand the magnitude of having a medical condition that requires daily or weekly supplies and how important it is for our customers to always have what they need.  This is why we do our best to make ordering and reordering your supplies as simple as possible.  Within our resupply program we track when your last ordered and ensure you are within your eligibility period when reordering to avoid additional fees not covered by your insurance.  Unlike Pharmacy prescriptions, Medical Equipment resupplies may only be ordered when contact is made with the customer.  This helps us ensure you are still in need of your supplies, there is no overstock, and the new supplies will be needed within the next 2 week period.  

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