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Long Term Care

Hartzell’s Pharmacy provides pharmacy, medical equipment, supply, & consultative services to several assisted living facilities, personal care, & group homes in the Lehigh Valley since the late 1980s. We have designed our dispensing systems with multiple checkpoints to prevent adverse drug interactions & maintained customized medication records for our client facilities. Hartzell’s Pharmacy provides consultant pharmacists who conduct on-site drug regimen reviews for each resident, assessing the efficacy of drug therapies & often providing recommendations to medication regimens resulting in improved overall patient care. 

Medication Packaging

At Hartzell's Pharmacy, we understand you face a number of difficulties with residents’ prescriptions and we are here to offer a solution to your medication management needs. You and your staff will have peace of mind knowing that each patients’ medication requirements will be taken care of by our highly trained staff.

Through Hartzell's Pharmacy, you will have access to our PakMyMeds multi-dose strip packaging. Sorted and packaged by our pharmacist, each dose is personalized for each patient specifically. We can also include OTCs and supplements which can be packaged with other daily medications. 


Additionally, they are clearly labeled by date and time of day. No more guesswork, and no more bottles or pillboxes.​

Traditional blister packs are also available!

electronic MAR

QuickMAR has dramatically reduced medication errors, paperwork inefficiencies and administrative duties, while dynamically linking customers to their LTC pharmacy partners. Benefits include:

  • Document med administration with a few clicks

  • Document treatments, vital signs and other care items with the same workflow

  • Eliminate missed/undocumented meds and missed PRN follow-ups

  • Speed up med passes by up to 50%

  • Improve safety and accuracy with bar code scanning

  • Pass meds without interruption, even if the internet is down

  • Safely identify residents by their pictures or optionally via biometrics or barcoded wrist bands

  • Receive reminder alerts before meds are late

  • Send customized notifications to key personnel via email or text

Meet Trish

Trish joined the Hartzell's team in 2019 as their Compliance Office and HME director of Operations.  Within these roles Trish wears many different hats to meet the needs of the Pharmacy.  Most notably, she brings with her almost 20 years of working in long term care facilities.  She has over 10 years experience as an administrator for an ODP (Office of Developmental Programs) based agency along with numerous years of experience within Residential Treatment Facilities and In-Home based services.  Due to her background and knowledge in these areas Trish serves as our liaison between the pharmacy and our Long-Term Care organizations.  She is well versed in the requirements for our Long-Term Care facilities, especially in the realm of medication management, facility practices and medication regulations from our LTC oversight organizations.  Trish's unique background along with her familiarity with the pharmacy brings a unparalleled offering that not many other pharmacies have the ability to do.  


If you are a Long-Term Care Facility looking to transition your pharmacy services to Hartzell's Pharmacy feel free to contact Trish for information.

Free Delivery

Save yourself some time and have all of your residents' medications and other healthcare needs delivered right to your door. We can also assist with administering immunizations, disease state management, and medication reviews to ensure each resident reaches their optimal health. Hartzell's Pharmacy is locally owned and operated and we have a personal investment in keeping our friends and neighbors healthy.

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