Synchronize your prescriptions. Simplify your life.

MyMedSync is a unique management program offered by our clinical pharmacists at Hartzell's Pharmacy.

Benefits include:

  • Single monthly trip to the pharmacy for your monthly medications
  • Monthly phone call from a pharmacist to discuss your medication refills and medication related issues
  • Assistance with obtaining medication refills in time for your order
  • No charge for Hartzell's Pharmacy customers to be enrolled in this service
  • May help assist with remembering to take medications on a regular basis
  • Delivery service available

Who should sign up?

  • If you have more than 4 monthly medications that you get on a regular basis
  • Those who have caretakers that assist with ordering and managing their medications
  • Anyone who prefers the convenience of a single monthly trip to the pharmacy

Here's how it works:

  • You choose an appointment day- the date each month you wish to pick-up your prescriptions. About five-seven days prior to the appointment day, you will receive a call from Hartzell's Pharmacy to confirm which prescriptions to fill.
  • Your Hartzell's pharmacist reviews your prescriptions each month, monitors changes after doctor or hospital visits, and checks for possible drug interactions. Best of all you will have time to talk with a member of the Hartzell's Pharmacy team and ask any questions you may have about your medications each month.
  • You receive the convenience of a single monthly trip to the pharmacy and freedom from worries about forgetting to call for refills or running out of your medication.

To enroll in the program, simply fill out the MyMedSync enrollment form and bring it in to discuss with one of our pharmacy staff members.

Medication Organization & Safety with Vince Hartzell

Vince Hartzell, Pharmacist of Hartzell's Pharmacy, discusses medication organization & safety as well as the role of the pharmacist in reviewing your medications and education on best practices for individual medication safety and adherence.