Proper maintenance of your CPAP equipment and supplies is a key to proper treatment of sleep apnea. Talk with our respiratory therapist and have your equipment checked and cleaned. Learn about the latest equipment and ways to view your sleep patterns and progress online. Call for appointment.

Every 1 Month

  • Mask cushions/pillows, which deteriorate and leads to air leaks.
  • Machine filters can become clogged and no longer protect from particles and dust.

Every 3 Months

Tubing may develop holes or tears leading to leaks that can jeopardize prescribed therapy settings.

Every 6 Months

Headgear and Chin straps can lose elasticity and cause an improper or uncomfortable fit. Water chambers may become cracked and trap bacteria.

Hartzell's can help by providing you:

  • Advice from a licensed respiratory therapist
  • Verification of your insurance coverage
  • Complimentary shipping on your full resupply order
  • Specialized Therapy for Women
  • Free CPAP Cleaning
  • Lumin sanitizer