Clinical Services

Consultative Services

Contact our clinical staff today for more information. Appointments preferred for most of our clinical services. In some cases we can accommodate walk-in appointments.

Disease State Management Program

Meetings with the pharmacist to review all medication therapies pertaining to a specific disease state, including prescription medications, herbal/homeopathic therapies, over-the-counter medications to check for safety, efficacy and cost-effectiveness. Blood pressure, pulse and blood glucose and cholesterol (if necessary) will be monitored at each visit as well. Recommended Program Length: Twice yearly and/or as needed.

Hormone Saliva Testing

Hormone saliva testing can be done in women or men to help target specific hormone abnormalities. Hormone abnormalities can have a wide range of affects on the body and identifying the cause of many symptoms. We can test several different hormones, such as estradiol, estrone, estriol, DHEA, progesterone, testosterone, cortisol, and melatonin. These are tested through a series of saliva collections. Most of the saliva tests have a 7 day turn-around time once the sample is received. Some laboratory testing may be reimbursed by your insurance under preventative medicine, laboratory services, or out of network coverage. Contact your insurance company to verify coverage and for information on how to receive reimbursement. We do not directly bill insurances for these services.

Medication Management Program

Meetings with the pharmacist to review all medication therapies, including prescription medications, herbal/homeopathic therapies, medication samples from your doctor, over-the-counter medications, efficacy and cost-effectiveness. Pharmacist will advise you on money-saving alternates, if any, and answer any medication questions you have. Blood pressure and blood glucose will be monitored at each visit as well. Recommended Program Length: Once yearly and/or as needed.

Smoking Cessation Program

The pharmacist will assist in smoking cessation by providing education regarding nicotine pharmacology, principles of addiction, assessing readiness to quit, finding appropriate resources, recommending appropriate drug therapy, and monitoring progress. This includes 4 weekly sessions and 3 monthly sessions along with follow-up phone calls. You will also receive a 20% discount on all smoking cessation products when purchased here at the store. Minimum of 3 people. Group and corporate rates are available.

Travel Health Consultations

No matter what international destination you are traveling to, Hartzell's Vaccine Clinic can help you prepare for your trip and give you tips on staying healthy. Our trained pharmacists will review your medical & vaccine history, and travel plans to determine vaccines or travel precautions you may need. We will also provide travel and health information for your destination(s). All copies of vaccines administered will be sent to your physician for your medical record. Whether you are traveling for business or vacation, contact us for a travel consultation.  More information can be found on our Vaccine Clinic page.

Weight Management Programs

We offer a variety of individualized weight management programs for you to choose from. Visit our Weight Management page for more information.

Health and Wellness Services

Immunizations, Screenings and Tuberculosis testing are available for individuals in-store or for off-site for groups. Our clinical staff will come to your place of employment or health fair events. Contact us for individual or group pricing.

Vaccine Clinic/Flu Shots

We offer a variety of immunizations for adults 18 years and older. Our pharmacists are specialty trained and licensed to provide vaccine services to help meet your needs. Visit our Vaccine Clinic page for more details.

Cholesterol Screening

Includes a 20 minute consult with the pharmacist to perform and review fasting cholesterol panel, measure blood pressure and pulse, plus review lifestyle changes and medication therapies used to treat cholesterol levels. Recommended Program Length: 4 visits per year (once every 3 months)

Osteoporosis Screenings

Did you know that 1 in 2 women and 1 in 4 men will have an osteoporosis related fracture in their lifetime? We can help assess your risk for osteoporosis with a painless ultrasound of your heal. The test takes only a few minutes and we will notify you of the results immediately and discuss prevention as well as treatment opportunities with you! Additionally, we will notify your physician of your results.

Tuberculosis Screenings

We offer a two-step Tuberculosis, PPD skin testing for patients over 18 years old. Our certified and trained pharmacists are available by appointment with convenient hours. Need to get a group screened? We also offer off-site clinics where we will come to your location for both the placement and reading of the test for your employees, students, residents, and/or patients. Documentation and results of the test are also provided to you and your physician. * Please note that the TB two-step skin test requires two appointments, one for the placement and one for the reading. The second appointment must be scheduled within 48 to 72 hours of the first.

Alternative Therapy Testing

Foot Detox Bath

Eliminating toxins is the first step in giving the body a chance to heal itself. Detoxifying through the feet is ideal. Relax for 30 minutes in our detox foot bath and feel the results!